Dakota Bedlift

This is one consideration for a bed lift but it would have to be way to the back and would have a long “lever arm” from the front of the bed. Have to be not far in front of the hinges.

I would rather have a lifting arm which would take most of the force rather than the bed hinges and it would be much further forward and remove the leverage. Here is the space under the bed which is 10 inches wide and about 33 inches from aft support and the forward battery cables.


The distance from the top of the Driveshaft to the top of the battery box is 7 – 9 inches

The linear actuator below is available in 2 “forces” One is 850 pounds and the other version at 2000 pounds force and is sold in Richmond BC.


Lift Arm opening to raise the bed.


Lift Arm closing which will lower the bed.



The bed goes up and down

It’s fine once the front of the bed is raised about 1 ft as the video shows but when the front is allowed to lower completely level there is not enough upward force to raise it the 1 ft.  So I “re-engineered” both arms today (9/1) and will test it again tomorrow.  I think it’s cool when it works.

This is how it looks with carbon fiber arms instead of plywood.

These arms were made using 1/2 ” firm multicellular foam wrapped in epoxy/carbon fiber.  The plywood arms above were used as the pattern.  The new arms weigh about 1/3 of the plywood weight.